Cheap auto insurance for bad drivers might sound too good to be true. Today, most car insurance companies consider drivers with a bad record high risk and offer higher premiums than the standard rates. However, this doesn't mean there aren't affordable options out there.

You need to know where to look. So, whether you have multiple speeding tickets, have DUI convictions, or have been involved in a serious accident, keep reading to learn how to find cheap auto insurance for high-risk drivers.

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Who Is a Bad Driver?

The term "bad driver" can be defined in many ways. Most people believe it refers to an individual who is terrible behind the wheel. While they might not be wrong, this is a mere oversimplification of a much more complex concept. However, insurance companies have clarified the confusion by tweaking the term to high-risk drivers and listed individuals that fit this profile, including:

● New drivers between ages 16 and 25 with limited driving experience and history
● Drivers involved in collisions or crashes
● Senior drivers with physical, cognitive, and visual impairment
● Drivers with exotic, high-speed vehicles
● Drivers with DWI/DUI convictions, speeding tickets, and other violations

Good Driver vs. Bad Driver - Key Difference in Terms of Insurance Rates

Insurance companies generally offer low-risk drivers better rates than high-risk drivers. Experienced drivers with excellent driving records are statistically less likely to be involved in accidents or engage in reckless behavior. According to Car Insurance, bad drivers pay around 70% to get coverage and operate vehicles legally. While cheaper policies won't necessarily get them standard rates, they could prompt them to pay relatively lower premiums and deductibles.

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How to Find Affordable Auto Insurance Policies for High-Risk Drivers - 7 Valuable Tips

Now that you understand the difference between low and high-risk drivers in terms of insurance rates let's move on to the business end of this post. Here are seven effective tips to find cheap auto insurance as a bad driver:

1. Don't Lie about Your Record

When looking for quotes from different providers, you might be tempted not to mention your bad driving record. However, you should know auto insurers run DMS checks to get a detailed report of your driving history. So, even if you were involved in an accident years ago, they would know. And not disclosing this information could prompt them to reject your application or offer you a higher rate.

2. Shop Around

One of the best ways to find cheap auto insurance is to shop around. Most drivers opt for large insurance companies operating in the state or nationwide. These providers usually offer high rates and have strict eligibility requirements. However, many smaller, local providers would be willing to offer more affordable rates to meet their quotas. So, look for options from lesser-known companies, but be extra vigilant when evaluating their coverage quality, customer service, and reviews.

3. Search for Discounts

Many insurance companies provide limited-time offers and discounts to entice drivers to change their policies. So, if you have a bad record, you can opt for programs that lead to lower rates. For example, you could be asked to take a defensive driving course, install a specific safety feature to reduce accident risk or upgrade to a newer model.

4. Become a Better or More Responsible Driver

Perhaps the smartest way to reduce your insurance premium or get a cheap auto coverage policy is by improving your driving skills and habits. For example, new drivers can take additional classes. Meanwhile, those with a history of traffic violations can avoid tickets on your record. Remember, most insurers emphasize the last 12-36 months of your driving record when evaluating rates. So, if you're looking for a new policy down the line, start altering your behavior now.

5. Avoid Insurance Lapses

The last thing you want to do when searching for cheap auto coverage for bad drivers is to let your current insurance relapse, even if it's for just one month. When assessing your record, insurers could increase your rates for driving without coverage due to higher financial and legal risks.

6. Improve Your Credit History

Did you know your credit score impacts your car insurance? Studies show that high-risk drivers are more likely to file claims. And since insurance companies consider the number of previous claims when providing rates, improving your credit score could be a smart way to find cheaper coverage. You can start by paying your bills on time, reducing your credit utilization rate to 30% or less, or consolidating your debt.

7. Switch to an Older Car

Vehicles are highly susceptible to depreciation. In other words, they lose value as they age. Therefore, you can save money on insurance by switching to an older model and prompt insurers to offer cheaper rates. Some companies may only require you to buy liability insurance.

The Final Word

Let's face it: nobody wants to pay high premiums to operate a vehicle legally. However, bad drivers may not have a choice, depending on their record. The good news, though, is that you can find relatively cheaper options if you do your homework and know where to look.

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