Driving away from a fuel station, you might pat yourself on the back for topping up your car at a great price. But what if, moments later, you realize with a sinking heart that you've filled the wrong gas in your car?

It's an easy mistake, especially if you're distracted or driving a new or borrowed car. But the important question is, when you've put the wrong fuel in your car, will your auto insurance cover the necessary repairs?

This blog post will explore what happens when you make this blunder and how insurance providers approach mishaps, including putting the wrong gas in car.
What Are The Impacts of Using the Wrong Gas in Car?

Filling up your vehicle with an incorrect fuel type is known as misfuelling, and the implications can be severely detrimental to your engine's performance and longevity. Should petrol inadvertently enter a diesel engine, it compromises its lubrication, culminating in heightened friction and eventual wear of the engine components.

On the other hand, diesel introduced into a petrol engine can cause blockages in the fuel system. The ramifications of either mistake require extensive repairs, often accruing substantial costs. It is crucial to exercise caution when refueling to bypass such expensive setbacks. Always ensure you're using the correct fuel type for your vehicle, and if a mistake occurs, it's imperative to consult with a qualified mechanic right away to curtail the potential damage.

Preventative measures are paramount with misfuelling incidents—much like many aspects of automobile maintenance; prevention is invariably preferable to a cure.

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Will Auto Insurance Help?

When it comes to the unforeseen event of putting the wrong gas in car, the question arises: will auto insurance provide a safety net? Insurance products differ widely, with the scope of coverage ranging from basic to comprehensive. Often, standard policies do not safeguard against the costs incurred from such mishaps; however, certain comprehensive policies might consider it under accidental damage coverage.

This coverage is commonly featured in more expansive policies and is designed to protect against a wide array of unintentional damages, including some less anticipated occurrences like misfuelling. Policyholders must immerse themselves in the fine print of their insurance agreements or consult with their providers to gain a clear perspective on the extent of their coverage.

Misfuelling Insurance

Insurers have crafted specialized add-on coverage options tailored to protect motorists in the event that someone puts the wrong gas in car and diesel and petrol become mistakenly interchanged at the pump. This misfuelling insurance acts as a financial safety net, covering the fuel system's recovery, drainage, and subsequent cleaning costs, negating the potentially substantial expense out of pocket.

Policies in this domain vary; some provide on-the-spot assistance, while others reimburse incurred costs post-incident. For individuals who find themselves in those occasional absent-minded moments behind the wheel, investing in this layer of protection could offer a worthy avenue of peace of mind.

Simple in its nature yet professional in delivery, misfuelling insurance speaks directly to the unanticipated and singular quirks of motoring life.

What to Do When You Misfuel?

If you inadvertently put the wrong gas in car, it's crucial to take immediate corrective steps while avoiding engine ignition. Refrain from starting your car to prevent the spread of the wrong fuel through the system, which could amplify potential harm. Alert the staff at the filling station; they may offer valuable guidance and support measures.

Promptly contact your insurance provider to discuss your coverage and recommended procedures. Next, arrange transport for your car to a trusted garage. A professional mechanic should thoroughly drain and clean your fuel system and, if necessary, replace any affected components. Taking these measures seriously will help mitigate damage and restore your vehicle's condition.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, it is important to know the potential costs of putting the wrong gas in car. The cost of draining and cleaning your fuel system can vary depending on the severity of the situation and the make and model of your vehicle. Setting aside some emergency funds for such situations is recommended, as they can often be unexpected and costly.

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How To Ensure Long-Term Protection and Peace of Mind?

For those in pursuit of an auto insurance policy that aligns with their daily motoring habits, it's crucial to find coverage that offers security and serenity for the road ahead. Whether your personal driving narrative includes alternating between petrol and diesel vehicles or your commutes are filled with multitasking, the propensity for misfuelling is an often overlooked contingency.

Opting for a comprehensive insurance plan from a trusted provider like BindRight can be a strategic move, a safety net designed to catch those unforeseen missteps such as misfuelling, amongst other on-road mishaps. Extend your foresight and drive confidently, knowing that your policy extends beyond conventional protections, ready to address plausible driving scenarios.

How Can I Ensure Regular Maintenance and Vigilance?

To ensure that your vehicle remains in optimal condition and to prevent the common issue of misfuelling, it is crucial to adopt a philosophy of regular maintenance and vigilance. Before refueling, always take a moment to verify the correct type of fuel required for your car—this simple act of attentiveness is fundamental.

Furthermore, adhering to a strict schedule of routine servicing not only enhances the performance of your automobile but also fortifies its resilience against potential damage that might stem from any fuelling errors. Employ practical aids such as setting timely reminders on your mobile device or affixing a clear label on your fuel cap to serve as constant, physical cues of the appropriate fuel choice.

These straightforward strategies are instrumental in maintaining the health and efficiency of your vehicle, and when executed with professionalism, they embody a proactive approach to vehicle care.


The road can bring unforeseen adventures, and sometimes, those include the less pleasant surprise of misfuelling accidents. By understanding the provisions of your insurance policy, you can steer clear of additional stress and expenses from such oversight.

It's crucial to remember that the first line of defense against such an error is your own attentiveness and caution. However, should this common mistake happen to you, don't panic but follow the steps outlined to mitigate the problem. Always review your auto insurance's terms and coverage options, considering whether measures like misfuelling insurance are appropriate for you.